gauche – left, awkward, tactless.

Big Tall – my baby daddy.

Nee Wee, Small Tall, Morch, Morchi, Morchibagorchi, Morchunga, Chungus, Little Wiggly, Wigstain, Wiggs; etc. – my baby girl, Morchella.

It’s not gourmet! – Its quality is cheap!

Quentin Tarantado – Quentin Tarantino (tarantado means stupid in tagalog).

pu ting-a-ning – cutified version of the Tagalog curse “pu tang ina mo”.

charlie – hot.

Boo – my dog, Mehdwyn.

Ping Ping – my cat, Poo Nibbler.

CDGAF – “Crissy doesn’t give a f**k!”

HNL – Whole ‘nother level.

Winston Churchill head – big, balloon head.

BOTW – something I do to put me in a different place is to fill my head with the sweet voice of Art Garfunkel singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.  For example:  You can liken Robert’s voice to nails on a chalkboard.  Whenever he speaks I BOTW my way out of that sh**.


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